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Concept of Mission and Vision

What is the mission and Vision? Those concepts refer of way general to the raise of objectives that a person or group can try to reach. Both concepts are a means to achieve a State that is considered desirable.

The concept of mission refers to an reason or a reason for being part of an organization, a company or an institution. This reason focuses on the present, i.e., is the activity that justifies what the group or the individual is doing at a given time. For example: "your mission as an official is to successfully manage state resources". Either "the company's mission is to improve the quality of automobiles".

The Mission of a company depends on of the activity that it organization perform, as well as of the environment in which is is and of the resources of which has. If is of a company, the mission will depend of the type of business of which is try, of them needs of the population in that time given and the situation of the market.

On the other hand, the vision of a company is refers to a image that the organization poses to long term on how expected that is your future, a expectation ideal of what expected that occurs. The vision should be realistic but may be ambitious, its function is to guide and encourage the group to continue the work. For example: "his vision as official is find a way innovative and efficient of manage those resources State". Or: "the company's vision is to become the producer of cars for better quality of the local market".

Vision depends on present situation, material possibilities present and future as the Organization perceives them, unexpected events that may occur and own mission that already has silver.
Both concepts (mission and vision) play an important role as psychological and organizational in any long-term strategy aspects, is this business, policy, personnel, etc.

Once you have a specific objective, both concepts allow placed in the present (mission) and project themselves into the future (vision) plane rational, since it allows to link means and ends, and also from the emotional, allowing inspire and encourage to act even in unfavorable situations.

Both must formulate is jointly, since is important that are consistent between itself, and that provide for the situations that can occur within the term proposed. It should not be forgotten that both are part of a strategy, and serve the purpose for a common goal.

For example: If a great technology company plans to grow and expand, may be considered as mission providing technology clients maintaining the leadership in the area. This allows to organize the resources of the company to be sure to keep the quality of their products (through the control of quality, training and development of its employees, the situation of the market and other companies, etc.).

But Vision of an organization intended to the future must take into account that in the area of technology, scientific and technical development can return outdated technologies which the company produces in a few years, so a vision realistic and consistent with its mission would be to achieve the leadership in technological innovation, which allows you to not only continue to be a leader , but quickly adapt to any changes that may exist at the technological level.

Differences between mission and vision

The mission is the main motive or reason for existence of an organization, defined in precise and feasible character. It is the path through which the leaders of the company or organization will realize the great vision.

The mission must contain the following information, not in the future but at present:
  • What is the organization do?
  • Who is the recipient of your products/services?
  • What you want to do? Of what shape will help to your customers?

Some authors claim that you must also identify had been where the company is headed and how it will be the same in the following years.

To difference of the mission, the vision is more a projection to future, them aspirations of the Organization, of character utopian, and more generic that the mission, what it makes less accurate and less concrete.

The vision marks a final goal for where you want to get the Organization in the future. While the mission and the vision is defined of form different, both must necessarily be related and be consistent.

For example, the vision of a technology company It can be revolutionize communications technologies to improve the quality of life of the people, something that surely will never conclude.
Example: Mission and corporate vision of Apple

Apple mission: contribute to improving the lives of our customers, changing their ways to work, learn and communicate, through delicate products of personal computing and innovative services.

Vision of Apple: improve the quality of life of our clients, through three pillars: professionalism, technology and career, to achieve be recognized as the company leader in technologies of information, communication and entertainment.

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